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SuperCRM's dedicated activity management module allows you to seamlessly dive into managing your interactions with customers and prospects. Your activities, including Tasks, Meetings, Events, and Calls—the core of your efforts—are neatly categorized. All records in SuperCRM with attached activities are displayed here, ensuring a well-organized view and saving you valuable time.

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Unified Activity View

Keep all activity details in one place for an organized workflow.

Follow-ups with Tasks

Ensure timely follow-ups by assigning tasks to prospects seamlessly.

Effortless Event Scheduling

Schedule events directly from SuperCRM for a streamlined planning process.

Call History Logging

Log detailed inbound and outbound call histories within SuperCRM.

Activity Sorting and Filtering

Quickly find tasks and events with easy sorting and filtering features.

Recurring Task Management

Simplify recurring tasks by creating and assigning them with SuperCRM


Boost Your Productivity with Seamless Task Management in SuperCRM

Never miss a beat in your business operations with our user-friendly Tasks feature in SuperCRM. Simply list all your to-dos, assign them to yourself or your team, and watch your efficiency skyrocket. With Tasks in SuperCRM, you'll stay on top of every initiative and follow-up without breaking a sweat.

  • Compile and manage tasks effortlessly, keeping your to-dos organized and accessible in one central hub
  • Assign tasks seamlessly to yourself or team members, promoting collaboration and accountability
  • Integrate tasks seamlessly with your contacts and companies in SuperCRM, creating a holistic system for efficient follow-ups and initiations

Streamline Your Business Events with SuperCRM

Elevate your business events with SuperCRM's intuitive Events feature. Whether it's a seminar, trade show, or webinar, we've simplified the scheduling process for you. Creating events is a breeze, and scheduling them directly from SuperCRM ensures a seamless planning experience. Enjoy the convenience of automatic reminders, guaranteeing a well-organized and impactful event.

  • Set up automatic reminders for your events, ensuring that everyone involved stays informed and engaged
  • Schedule your events with ease, ensuring a well-organized and timely execution.


Team Pipelines in SuperCRM is a feature that transcends traditional sales pipelines, bringing together all customer-facing operations within a single account. It enables businesses to establish distinct pipelines for various teams like marketing, sales, onboarding, delivery, and support, offering a comprehensive CRM solution.

  • Create distinct pipelines for each customer-facing team.
  • Set up multiple sub-pipelines within each main pipeline to manage specific operations.
  • Position SuperCRM as the single source of truth for all customer information.
  • Empower customer-facing teams to effectively manage relations.
  • Customize pipelines to cater to specific business operations.
  • Enjoy a CRM that extends beyond sales to cover all customer-facing teams.

Users can create distinct pipelines for various business operations, displaying different records based on the operations represented, such as leads, tickets, testimonials, and more. Sub-pipelines can be employed within each main pipeline to manage specific stages of operations, providing a tailored and organized view.

By consolidating all customer-facing operations within a single SuperCRM account, Team Pipelines ensures centralized customer information. This eliminates the need for different tools across teams, preventing scattered and fragmented customer data, and offers a consolidated and coherent view for all teams.

With all customer information stored in SuperCRM, teams have immediate access to details necessary for effective customer handling. For example, marketing teams can check support ticket status before upselling, ensuring well-informed interactions that build trust. Trusting customers are more likely to pay more for products and services.

Yes, Team Pipelines and sub-pipelines can be fully customized at every stage, from naming records and fields to determining the number of stages in each pipeline. This customization allows each pipeline to be exclusive to the business operation it serves. Access can also be assigned to specific team members, ensuring control over customer data.

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