CRM Analytics And Reporting

Unlock profound insights through detailed reports.

Effortlessly manage your progress and performance using SuperCRM's customizable dashboards featuring charts and KPIs. Create personal dashboards or share them with other users.

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Pre-built dashboards

Choose from ready-made dashboards or craft your own for a personalized experience.

Measure and manage

Track and control key metrics efficiently using KPIs

Share Dashboards

Easily share your dashboards with specific individuals of your choice

Variety of charts

Bring your data to life using a variety of charts for clear visualization.

In-depth analysis

Gain comprehensive insights with a thorough analysis of your CRM data

Track your deals

Stay updated on your deals and communication.


Complete analysis

SuperCRM offers complete CRM data analysis, customizable chart visualization with diverse styles, and flexible dashboard options for efficient performance tracking.

  • SuperCRM provides in-depth insights into sales stats and internal categorizations.
  • Personalize data presentation with a variety of popular chart styles
  • Use pre-built or create custom dashboards to track diverse operational aspects.

Performance Insights

SuperCRM ensures accurate performance insights with dynamic KPIs, customizable dashboard components, and efficient tracking of calls and events through pre-built dashboards.

  • Providing real-time performance data on revenue, sales, and growth percentages
  • Add and resize charts and KPIs per your preference
  • Stay updated on calls and events with SuperCRM's pre-built dashboards


SuperCRM provides customizable dashboards with charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress and performance. Users can select pre-built dashboards or create their own.

SuperCRM offers a variety of chart styles, including pie, bar, funnel, and heatmap charts. Users can create and customize charts to visualize sales stats, task status, revenue, and more.

Yes, SuperCRM allows users to track calls and events directly from the dashboard. Pre-built dashboards like Call Analytics and Email Analytics help users stay updated on call and email metrics.

SuperCRM enables users to set goals for themselves and their teams. Progress can be monitored using dial gauges, traffic lights, or bars, displaying metrics such as calls made, revenue generated, or deals closed.

Yes, SuperCRM's dashboard is highly customizable. Users can create and add charts and KPIs to suit their preferences, resizing components for optimal use of the dashboard area.

SuperCRM seamlessly integrates with various apps, offering enhanced functionality and data synchronization. Native integrations include Gmail, Microsoft, Payment gateways and more.

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