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Tailor SuperCRM to fit your preferences.

Decide how you gather, store, and access CRM data by customizing fields, search filters, and views. SuperCRM empowers you to structure record collection, storage, and retrieval in a manner that aligns with your business and operational style.

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Customize Module Names

Rename modules to match your business operations

Craft Unique Fields

Create custom fields tailored to your business.

Efficient Data Retrieval

Fetch CRM data with advanced search and filters

Personalized Record Views

Create custom views for records

Organize with Tags and stages

Use tags to categorize and organize records

Dynamic Connections

Establish dynamic connections between records with lookup fields


Create Custom Fields

Tailor SuperCRM to suit your business by not only renaming modules but also by creating custom fields within them. This flexibility allows you to include specific information relevant to your unique business operations

  • Customize modules with unique fields to add relevant information
  • Goes beyond module renaming, providing the flexibility to create custom fields
  • Establish connections between records with Look-up fields

Search and Filters

Save time with SuperCRM's Advanced Filters, enable precise record location based on specific properties, enhancing the accuracy of your results

  • SuperCRM's Advanced Filters expedite record retrieval,
  • Enhance the precision of your search results
  • Enhance visual identification by adding colors to tags


SuperCRM's Customization feature allows businesses to bend their CRM according to their rules. From renaming modules to creating custom fields, users can shape how they collect, store, and retrieve CRM data. This flexibility ensures that the CRM aligns seamlessly with unique business operations.

Absolutely! SuperCRM acknowledges that businesses use different terms for operations. With module renaming, users can adapt SuperCRM to their terminology, making it intuitive for every team member. Whether it's "deals" or "projects," customization keeps things familiar and straightforward.

  • Scenario: A marketing team prefers to use the term "campaigns" instead of "deals."
  • Solution: SuperCRM's module renaming allows the marketing team to customize the CRM, using "campaigns" to accurately reflect their operations.

SuperCRM goes beyond module renaming; it enables users to create custom fields tailored to their business needs. These fields provide the flexibility to add specific information relevant to unique operations, enhancing the depth and context of CRM data.

  • Scenario: A sales team needs to capture additional information specific to the software features clients are interested in.
  • Solution: SuperCRM's custom fields allow the sales team to create fields such as "preferred features," providing a comprehensive view of client preferences.

Look-up fields enable users to create connections between different records in SuperCRM. For instance, businesses can establish relationships such as client referrals. This feature enhances data organization and connectivity between related records.

  • Scenario: A business wants to track client referrals within the CRM.
  • Solution: SuperCRM's Look-up fields enable the creation of a "referrals" field in the contacts module, providing visibility into client referral connections.

SuperCRM's Advanced Filters expedite CRM data retrieval by allowing precise searches based on specific properties. While standard search filters use keywords, Advanced Filters provide accuracy, helping users find records based on tailored criteria.

  • Scenario: A user needs to quickly locate untouched records in the CRM.
  • Solution: SuperCRM's "untouched record" Advanced Filter efficiently retrieves the exact record needed.

SuperCRM's Sheet View merges spreadsheet reliability with advanced CRM functionality. This view organizes data in rows and columns, offering a familiar format. Users can add, update, and compare multiple records seamlessly.

  • Scenario: A team prefers a spreadsheet-like interface for data entry and comparison.
  • Solution: SuperCRM's Sheet View provides the team with a familiar layout, enhancing data management and comparison efficiency.
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