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Robust and budget-friendly field sales management software that simplifies your field sales operations and enhances your customer service.

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Manage contacts:

Stay connected and control your contacts on the go, anytime and anywhere, using your mobile device.

Mobile App for Android and iOS:

Stay productive anywhere with our Android and iOS app for easy access on the go.

App Notifications:

Receive instant updates on appointments and tasks to stay informed in real-time.

Navigate to the Job Site:

Effortlessly find your way to customer location with built-in navigation for seamless travel.

Get Notes and Photos on the Go:

Stay connected with field agents through real-time notes and photos for enhanced communication.

Close Task on the move

Finalize tasks directly from the mobile app, simplifying task closure for on-the-go efficiency.


Schedule Service Appointments

Efficiently plan service appointments by specifying start and end times, assigning tasks to service resources, and selecting the relevant services or work orders.

  • Streamline appointment creation by entering specific work durations and assigning tasks.
  • Easily allocate jobs to service resources, optimizing scheduling for better productivity.
  • Select from a range of services, tasks, or complete work orders to tailor appointments to your business needs.

Dynamic Dispatch

Empower dispatchers with a robust console that consolidates tasks, appointment scheduling, field agent location tracking, and dispatching capabilities on a single screen.

  • Centralized control for dispatchers to create tasks and schedule appointments seamlessly.
  • Locate and dispatch the most suitable field agent for the job directly from the Dispatch Console.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by managing all key tasks in one user-friendly interface.

Map View for Field Agents

Optimize field agent efficiency by using the Map view to track live locations, filter agents by skill and territory, and choose the right person for each task.

  • Visualize field agent locations in real-time, allowing for better task allocation.
  • Filter agents based on skills and territory to ensure optimal task assignments.
  • Improve decision-making by mapping out job sites and selecting the ideal agent for each task.

Mobilize Your Workforce with Mobile App

Equip field agents with the Zoho FSM Mobile App for Android and iOS, enabling them to check in/out, apply leaves, log time, and access all necessary information on the go.

  • Maximize productivity by providing essential tools in the palm of field agents' hands
  • Reduce unnecessary travel and paperwork through mobile app functionalities.
  • Enhance flexibility with features like check-in/out, leave application, and time logging on the mobile app.

Improve Day-to-Day Planning

Enhance day-to-day planning for field agents by offering visibility over schedules, upcoming appointments, and job site locations.

  • Empower field agents to plan their day effectively with insights into upcoming appointments.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface displaying service appointments for the coming days.
  • Enable field agents to locate job sites on a map, ensuring efficient navigation.

Data Insights and Reports

Leverage real-time dashboards and built-in reports to gain insights into business performance, work order statuses, field agent check-in/out times, and monthly revenue.

  • Start the day with a quick overview of key business metrics on customizable dashboards
  • Monitor work order statuses and field agent activities through intuitive reports.
  • Foster growth by using analytics to identify and address areas that drive organizational success.


SuperCRM stands out as a preferred field force automation solution for several reasons. It ensures easy and fast adoption with its user-friendly setup and interface built for scale. The platform offers geo-tracking to monitor field agents' movements, a complete day planner for prioritizing meetings, multi-lingual support for local agents, cross-team customization for various industries, and offline functionality to overcome network issues. The comprehensive features of SuperCRM make it a trusted choice for over 2000 businesses to run their entire field operations.

Yes, SuperCRM streamlines lead distribution and task allocation through an uberized approach. Every captured lead is automatically assigned to the field sales team based on their proximity, ensuring quick response times. Automated notifications help reduce response time, ensuring that each lead is assigned to the most suitable agent. This automation minimizes the chances of missing meetings or follow-ups, providing a more organized and efficient workflow.

SuperCRM employs geo-tracking, geo-fencing, and attendance management features to ensure transparency and accuracy in field operations. Live-tracking of agents prevents fraudulent check-ins and misrepresentations by using geo-fencing. The attendance management feature automates check-in and check-out, marking attendance as soon as an agent checks in. This not only prevents dishonest practices but also facilitates accurate attendance calculation and automatic payout management. Additionally, SuperCRM provides detailed reports on the agent's day, including meetings made, distance traveled, check-in times, and meeting quality, ensuring transparent and accountable field operations.

SuperCRM Mobile CRM is a preferred choice for field management due to its efficiency in handling entire field operations. Trusted by over 2000 enterprises, it offers features like automatic check-ins and check-outs based on field teams' workdays. The app tracks sales routes, assigns new meetings and tasks, and facilitates automatic reminders for meeting notes. With the ability to capture leads, even offline, and provide complete visibility into agents' daily activities, SuperCRM Mobile CRM ensures seamless field management, enhancing productivity and insights.

Absolutely. SuperCRM Mobile CRM streamlines meeting assignments and task distribution by allowing easy distribution of new leads to field agents based on various criteria such as availability, location, and product. Instant notifications on the mobile app inform agents of new leads and tasks, enabling quick follow-ups. The platform also automates reminders for agents to add meeting notes, enhancing post-meeting follow-ups and providing valuable insights into customer needs.

SuperCRM Mobile CRM ensures complete visibility into field agents' activities with features like geo-tracking and offline mode. The platform allows businesses to track the sales route taken by agents, generate reports on meetings attended, and monitor the status of each meeting. The reports include information on the start time of the day, completed meetings, and missed meetings, providing valuable insights into the productivity and quality of field operations. Trusted by hundreds of enterprises, SuperCRM Mobile CRM is designed for effective field management.

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