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Boost your marketing and encourage innovation.

Transform your marketing strategy with a reliable central source of information. Link data and applications across teams to create impactful campaigns that drive business growth.

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Customer segmentation

Elevate your marketing impact, fostering innovation, and reach your audience effectively through precise marketing strategies.

Lead nurturing

Establish drip campaigns to nurture leads until they are ready for sales. Segment your list for sending relevant and personalized messages

Web Forms

Gather leads from various sources such as your website, chat, phone calls, ads, emails, and more, directly into your CRM.

WhatsApp Marketing

Engage with potential customers instantly. Send out marketing campaigns to a large audience.

Google Ad Campaigns

Evaluate the performance of your Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other digital campaigns.

Email Campaigns

Elevate engagement with effective email campaigns: real-time conversations, bulk marketing, and autoresponders for inquiries.


Unified CRM + Marketing Automation

Effortlessly connect with clients across channels. Consolidate leads in real-time, qualify and route for sales follow-up, and nurture marketing leads separately.

  • Integrated Lead Management: Capture, qualify, and hand over leads in real-time
  • Personalized Segmentation: Tailor communication by segmenting leads based on demographics and interests.
  • Omni-Channel Connection: Communicate seamlessly across various channels for a consistent client experience.

Effortless Achievement through Drag-n-Drop Mastery!

No coding skills or tech expertise required. Simply use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create landing pages, nurturing emails, automation workflows, and more.

  • Build landing pages, emails, and webforms swiftly with a visual builder and industry-specific templates.
  • Easily create nurturing campaigns, event reminders, and schedule them at your convenience.
  • Automate communications effortlessly, tailoring messages based on CRM data, such as lead profiles, website activity, or sales funnel stage.

Navigate the Right Path with Your Prospects!

Show your prospects that you're as committed to serving them as they are to your services. Monitor their interactions with your brand and initiate tailored communication through the most fitting channels.

  • Monitor every action, from webpage visits to campaign engagement and phone conversations.
  • Build trigger-based communication workflows effortlessly in SuperCRM marketing automation solution
  • Identify signals for upselling and cross-selling in prospect activities.

Optimize Campaigns with SuperCRM Insights

Efficiently measure digital campaign performance by tagging leads with campaign names. SuperCRM merges Google Ad spending with sales data, revealing which campaigns, ads, or keywords convert leads into customers. Make informed budget decisions for higher ROI.

  • Tag leads with specific campaign names for focused analysis.
  • Combine Google Ad spending with sales data to identify conversion-driving campaigns.
  • Allocate budget to high-performing campaigns for improved return on investment.

Effortless Event-to-Sale Management

SuperCRM streamlines your event management process, from invitations to sales activities, all within CRM. Automatic interaction logging provides a clear communication timeline, and analytics help you gauge event success by comparing attendee conversions.

  • Handle invitations, follow-ups, and sales activities seamlessly.
  • Keep a clear timeline of all interactions automatically.
  • Measure event success by comparing attendee conversion rates.

Sustain Engagement with SuperCRM Emails

Maintain engagement from the first contact using SuperCRM emails. Save and send templates for trade show invites, schedule reminders, and track email analytics to understand lead interest.

  • Send emails and make calls directly from SuperCRM
  • Schedule reminder and follow-up emails for trade show engagements.
  • Track open rates, clicks, and bounces to gauge new leads' level of interest


SuperCRM provides a range of features for marketing automation, including List Segmentation, Drag & Drop Automations, Lead Tracking, BTL Marketing, Integrations, and Attribution Reports. These features empower users to create meaningful conversations across all channels

SuperCRM enables data-driven decisions by offering features such as Lead Tracking, Attribution Reports, and comprehensive analytics. Users can gain insights into prospect interactions, track campaign performance, and make informed decisions to enhance marketing strategies.

SuperCRM allows users to engage with prospects in real-time through WhatsApp marketing. Users can send bulk campaigns, track delivery and reads, and set up autoresponders for inbound inquiries, enhancing communication efficiency.

SuperCRM automated lead capture from various sources, such as website, chat, phone calls, ads, and emails in real-time. The platform also supports lead nurturing by creating drip campaigns, segmenting lists, and sending personalized messages, ensuring efficient lead management.

SuperCRM offers easy integration with popular marketing and sales apps. Users can connect their preferred tools seamlessly, ensuring real-time data synchronization between sales and marketing applications.

SuperCRM's Marketing Automation CRM offers actionable reports and insights into lead sources, engagement campaigns, user journeys, and more. Users can understand visitor intent, track interactions, and plan ad budgets effectively with marketing attribution reports.

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