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Project management platform built for increased productivity

SuperCRM Projects: Plan, track, and collaborate seamlessly. Stay on schedule with real-time awareness of critical tasks, dependencies, and progress deviations for project success.

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Tailored Efficiency

Customize fields, layouts, and workflows for project efficiency tailored to your business needs.

Custom Workflows for Business Logic

Streamline tasks seamlessly with SuperCRM's custom workflows aligned to your business logic.

Emails, Task Closure, and Reminders

Boost productivity with SuperCRM's dynamic features: email, task closure, reminders, and timely closures.

Effortless Project Oversight

Simplify project management with intuitive tools, visualizing plans, tracking progress with Kanban boards, and ensuring timely completion.

Comprehensive Task Management

Break down projects with SuperCRM, using Kanban boards for scheduling and task tracking.

Milestone-Driven Project Progress

Monitor project progress with defined milestones, assigning dates and responsibility for a clear path to completion.


SuperCRM Projects: Tailored for Your Success

Unlock efficiency with SuperCRM Projects. Customize fields, layouts, and workflows to match your unique business needs. Elevate projects with flexibility, ensuring seamless collaboration. For example, a marketing agency categorizes projects using custom fields like 'Campaign Type' for precise organization

  • Streamline processes with custom workflows, aligning task management with your business logic
  • Personalize project fields for relevance, ensuring every piece of information aligns with your business objectives
  • Send emails, close task, set-reminders and close on time

Effortless Project Management

Simplify project oversight with our intuitive tools. Break down projects into milestones, task lists, and subtasks. Visualize plans, track progress with Kanban boards, and ensure timely completion by setting up task dependencies

  • Break projects into milestones, task lists, tasks, and subtasks. Utilize Kanban Board and Kanban boards to track progress and set up dependencies for efficient scheduling.
  • Assign tasks, set work hours, and track completion. Enhance productivity with priority settings, reminders, and recurrence. Record time spent with ease using timesheets or timers.
  • Monitor project progress with defined milestones. Assign start and end dates, and designate responsibility for each milestone, ensuring a clear path from start to finish


Work management involves planning, executing, and monitoring tasks and projects efficiently. SuperCRM is a Work OS designed to streamline work processes, offering a collaborative platform to manage tasks, projects, and processes effectively.

A project management software, like SuperCRM, is used to organize and optimize work processes. It helps teams plan, track, and execute tasks, projects, and workflows collaboratively, fostering efficiency and transparency.

SuperCRM simplifies task management by providing a visual and customizable platform. Users can create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly. The system ensures tasks are organized, and teams can collaborate seamlessly, leading to increased productivity and streamlined workflows.

Using work management software, such as SuperCRM, enhances collaboration, aligns team efforts, and ensures transparency across tasks and projects. It promotes efficient workflows, centralizes information, and improves overall productivity.

SuperCRM stands out as a versatile Work OS that adapts to various work styles. It allows users to customize workflows, manage tasks and projects, and provides visibility into processes. The platform enhances collaboration, making work more organized and productive.

SuperCRM Work OS caters to a broad audience, including leaders, managers, and teams across diverse industries. Whether you're overseeing company goals, managing projects, or executing tasks, SuperCRM is tailored to meet the needs of different users.

SuperCRM enhances business performance by promoting work ownership, accountability, and collaboration. It provides a structured approach to goal-setting, efficient task execution, and real-time monitoring, ultimately driving results and efficiency.

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