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Your company's foundation relies on top-notch candidates. Simplify your entire recruitment procedure


Why recruitment team need a CRM?

Managing relationships with a vast pool of candidates can be challenging. What if there was a straightforward solution for organizing applications and efficiently shortlisting candidates? SuperCRM's dedicated template for recruiting provides your business with the necessary tools to streamline the hiring process and select the most suitable candidates.

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In the Interviews section, use your system to guide candidates through the hiring steps. Tracking each candidate's progress helps you support them effectively.



Manage all applications and candidates in one place. The Applicants section is where you add candidates applying for positions.



SuperCRM allows you to work with entire employment companies or recruitment agencies. This section helps you keep records of applicants recommended by each organization.



Maintain a list of all your roles and openings for easy access. This section lets you track everything from beginning to end.



Organize tasks, events, and communicate with applicants and candidates. SuperCRM enables you to schedule video calls and interviews, all in one place



SuperCRM provides dashboards that show your recruitment metrics using customizable charts and tables. Stay informed about your process, and create your own dashboards with various chart styles.


Recruitment Process Solution

  • All-in-one platform: SuperCRM consolidates the entire recruitment process into a single solution.
  • Neat pipeline layout: Candidate records are organized in a visually appealing pipeline, facilitating easy navigation.
  • Versatility: Users can create multiple pipelines for various business operations beyond recruitment.
  • Single-window view: SuperCRM allows users to view and manage different processes in one window.
  • Customizable pipelines: Different pipelines for distinct operations, ensuring quick access to relevant information
  • Streamlined operations: The interface enables quick and efficient shortlisting of candidates with just a click.
  • Holistic recruitment stages: SuperCRM's pipeline covers all key stages of the recruitment process.
  • From application to team integration: The pipeline guides through stages, from a new applicant to a seamlessly integrated team member.
  • Tailored for small businesses: The pipeline has gained popularity in the small business sector for its efficiency.

Tracking and Communication

  • Personalized data tracking: SuperCRM offers carefully customized fields to track pertinent information about candidates.
  • Adaptive approach: Recognizing that one size never fits all, SuperCRM allows tailored information tracking for each user.
  • Relevant and efficient: Changes in data input make the system more relevant for both recruiters and candidates.
  • Integrated communication tools: SuperCRM supports phone calls, emails, and even video calls directly from the platform.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with popular email services through IMAP and POP functions.
  • Time-saving features: Conducting calls, sending emails, and hosting video calls can be done without leaving the application.
  • Automated workflows: SuperCRM enables the automation of daily tasks, such as adding new applicants and sending congratulatory emails.
  • Time-saving benefits: Set up workflows to handle routine tasks, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Beyond recruitment: SuperCRM extends its utility to cover other business operations, allowing users to create multiple pipelines for various purposes.
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Recruiting CRM Software, short for Candidate/Client Relationship Management Software, is a robust tool designed to facilitate the management of staffing and recruitment processes effortlessly. This tool empowers users to build and sustain relationships with a diverse pool of potential candidates, simplifying the entire recruitment workflow from initiation to completion.

Recruiting CRM software enhances the hiring process by providing efficient management of applications, resumes, and job postings. It not only oversees candidate interactions and interview scheduling but also furnishes valuable insights for making data-driven hiring decisions. It stands as an indispensable tool for optimizing and streamlining the recruitment process.

No, they are distinct. Although both manage candidate data, a CRM is geared towards cultivating relationships with candidates and clients. On the other hand, an ATS primarily focuses on tracking and managing applicants throughout the hiring process. A CRM encompasses lead management, communication tracking, and relationship management, while an ATS concentrates on job postings, application tracking, and candidate evaluation.

SuperCRM Recruiting CRM Software is adaptable and advantageous across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations. Whether in staffing, executive search, healthcare, IT, finance, or any sector requiring talent acquisition, SuperCRM offers robust features to optimize recruitment processes, streamline candidate management, and enhance client relationships. It caters to the needs of both small and large organizations, proving valuable for staffing agencies, recruiting firms, and HR departments in diverse sectors.

Absolutely. SuperCRM Recruiting CRM Software seamlessly integrates with popular job boards, social media platforms, and various third-party applications. This integration facilitates streamlined workflows, centralized data management, and harnesses the power of integrated tools for tasks such as sourcing, candidate engagement, and communication management.

Several key factors set SuperCRM apart as the top choice for recruiting agencies:

  • Ease of Use: SuperCRM boasts an intuitive design, ensuring easy learning and execution.
  • AI Intelligence: AI-based matching reduces recruiters' efforts and enhances efficiency.
  • Personalized Support: Users benefit from quick and personalized assistance for all inquiries.
  • Agile Teams: SuperCRM enables the swift adoption of new features and customizations, promoting agility in team operations.
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