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Tackle Big Challenges, Automate the Rest!

Embrace greater challenges while automating the remainder. Numerous small tasks contribute to the sales process, such as making calls, sending emails, and following up—a perpetual routine. SuperCRM addresses this by enabling you to establish and automate workflows. Just set up condition-triggered actions for various tasks

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Mastery in Three Simple Steps

Effortlessly craft smart workflows with our intuitive system, streamlining your processes in just three easy steps.

Automatic Email Alerts

Never miss a beat! Set up automatic email alerts to stay instantly informed about crucial updates and developments.

Integration for New Contacts

Effortlessly manage your contacts. Automatically assign new contacts to your team, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.

Instant or Scheduled Workflows

Tailor your workflow to your needs. Choose between instant execution or schedule workflows for later, providing the ultimate flexibility in task management.

Strategic Tagging

Enhance client communication with strategic tagging. Add tags and leverage them to send reminders and alerts, ensuring timely and personalized interactions.

Effortless Task Management

Simplify task management. Create automatic tasks and assign them to the respective team member, promoting efficiency and accountability


Enhance booking and follow-ups automatically

Crafting workflows becomes effortless with SuperCRM, eliminating redundant daily tasks. Simply set triggers to initiate the workflow, define conditions for the trigger, and choose actions for seamless automation—no coding skills needed. Streamline your processes effortlessly.

  • Create a call task instantly when a new contact is added via web or social media.
  • Set triggers to automatically follow up with leads as they navigate through your pipeline.
  • Streamline your communication by automating personalized follow-up messages both before and after meetings.

Efficient Email Automation with SuperCRM

Streamline communication with SuperCRM's customizable email workflows and alerts. Send standardized welcome emails automatically and stay instantly informed about important deals.

  • Save time by automating welcome emails for new customers. SuperCRM ensures a seamless welcome experience without manual effort.
  • Stay on top of significant deals with instant alerts for amounts exceeding a set limit. Prioritize and manage high-value opportunities effortlessly.
  • Enhance collaboration with SuperCRM workflows, strategically distributing CRM record ownership among users. Efficiently manage customer data across your team.


SuperCRM's sales and marketing automation software is a robust solution designed to empower small businesses by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and fostering sales growth.

SuperCRM's automation features can benefit your business by saving time, automating lead capture and follow-up, and providing a CRM powered by sales and marketing automation, converting leads into clients more effectively.

SuperCRM offers both Easy Automations and Advanced Automations. Easy Automations focus on automating repetitive tasks like lead capture and follow-up, while Advanced Automations allow customization of sales and marketing processes for predictable, repeatable growth.

Yes, SuperCRM offers a CRM powered by sales and marketing automation. It captures lead information, behaviors, preferences, and likeliness to buy, allowing for more effective lead conversion.

Yes, SuperCRM's marketing automation features contribute to lead generation by automating follow-ups, sending text and email communications, and ensuring quick responses to potential clients.

Yes, SuperCRM provides support and expertise to help users set up their accounts. Users can access resources such as SuperCRM Academy, customer support, and onboarding services.

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