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CRM designed for legal services

SuperCRM is the Attorney-Client Relationship Management Platform for Law Firms


Why does a legal firm need a CRM?

The importance of CRM for legal firms lies in its ability to enhance efficiency, draw in a larger pool of prospects, elevate client engagement, and catalyze the expansion of your firm.

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Legal Contact Management

Provides a unified and organized legal CRM system, ensuring a comprehensive view for all members of the firm.


Pipeline Management

Law firms gain valuable tools for streamlined pipeline management. The system eliminates inefficiencies in follow-up processes, offers a quick glance at firm performance


Automated Client Engagement

SuperCRM serves as a law office CRM that enhances the client experience from the start.


Advanced Custom Fields

SuperCRM incorporates advanced custom fields to capture essential client data, seamlessly integrating it into the CRM


Legal Software Integrations

The integration capabilities of SuperCRM allow law firms to connect their Gmail or Outlook inbox directly


Record management

SuperCRM organizes and up-to-date client data records, streamlining law firms' information management processes.


Legal contact management

  • Description: SuperCRM offers a comprehensive CRM system that provides a unified view of crucial information for everyone in your law firm.
  • Audience Segmentation: Track, create audience segments, and engage potential clients efficiently.
  • Client Data Organization: Manage client activity and communications while keeping data records organized and up to date.
  • Description: SuperCRM' CRM allows you to sort contacts with criteria tailored to your law firm, minimizing manual efforts and streamlining workflows.
  • Time Optimization: Spend more time on billable work as SuperCRM takes care of contact sorting and organization.
  • Client Appreciation: Enhance client experiences by ensuring that their information is accurately sorted and easily accessible
  • Description: SuperCRM' law firm CRM ensures that new clients are seamlessly onboarded into engaging relationships from day one.
  • Lead Follow-Up: Never miss a lead follow-up, enhancing the chances of converting potential clients into satisfied customers.
  • Consistent Experiences: Consistently deliver polished client experiences that leave a lasting positive impression.

Pipeline Management tools

  • Description: The legal pipeline management system provides tools to see the status of all your deals at a glance, enabling you to focus on the right prospective clients at the right time.
  • Efficiency Improvement: Eliminate inefficiencies in the follow-up process by having a clear overview of deal statuses.
  • Strategic Growth: Receive insights and guidance on the next steps to grow your practice with minimal effort.
  • Description: SuperCRM' CRM solution allows you to assess your firm's performance easily, helping you make informed decisions
  • Lead Tracking: Track leads through every phase of the client journey in a centralized space.
  • Customizable Organization: Organize contacts efficiently using customizable tags, enhancing the accessibility of critical client data
  • Description: SuperCRM facilitates dynamic email workflows, customizable digital intake forms, document request templates, and e-signature software for law firms.
  • Efficiency Boost: Automate repetitive tasks, saving time and allowing your team to focus on more strategic aspects.
  • Client Convenience: Provide clients with user-friendly digital processes, such as e-signatures and customized forms, enhancing their overall experience.
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A legal CRM system is designed for client relationship management within law firms. Its primary goal is to assist law firms in effectively managing and engaging with clients by maintaining crucial information about them. This information ranges from basic client details to how they discovered the law firm and whether follow-ups have been conducted since their initial contact. Essentially functioning as the "brain" of a legal practice, the CRM tracks potential clients throughout their journey. The ultimate objective is to streamline the client intake process for attorneys, allowing them to attract, satisfy, and retain clients while concentrating on legal practice. This approach leads to increased repeat business and client referrals, contributing to the growth of a law firm's revenue.

A legal CRM software automates and streamlines tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming and manual. Lawyers, irrespective of their practice area, often spend a significant portion of their workweek on administrative tasks inherent in running a practice. A CRM for law firms takes on these tasks, enabling lawyers to redirect their focus toward their paying clients instead of activities like data entry. SuperCRM, recognized as one of the best legal CRM software, automates client follow-ups, email workflows, appointment scheduling, document creation, extraction of information from client intake forms, and more.

Whether a law firm is small or mid to large in size, the operational demands to keep a practice running smoothly are considerable. From handling lead inquiries and email follow-ups to marketing the law firm for client attraction, the administrative workload can consume a significant portion of a workday. Attorneys often face the dilemma of balancing practice management with client attention. Legal CRM adoption, exemplified by SuperCRM, simplifies tasks such as follow-ups, data entry, document generation, appointment scheduling, and marketing. SuperCRM takes care of these routine tasks, allowing attorneys to channel their energy where it matters most – toward their clients.

Client relationship management is a universal challenge for businesses across industries, and law firms are no exception. The success of law firms relies heavily on maintaining strong client relationships. The management of client communications and relationships demands substantial resources, and a law firm CRM can be instrumental in enhancing case management and client relationship management. The software facilitates the handling of extensive paper documentation, ensuring efficient organization.

A law firm CRM, whether in the form of a tool or software, encompasses a suite of applications aimed at managing all client relationships and interactions. The system streamlines essential processes, including documenting potential and current clients, storing paperwork, organizing staff, tracking business growth, and more. Given the vast amount of data law firms handle daily, investing in a platform that centralizes data for each practice area is crucial for comprehensive business development.

A CRM software's primary objective is to enhance processes and build stronger client relationships. Approximately 82% of law firms have experienced increased overall work efficiency through the adoption of legal technology. Whether a law firm is small or large, utilizing a CRM tool is imperative. With the substantial paperwork involved in client intake, contact management, invoicing, and communication, a CRM system offers essential support. It provides easy contact management, facilitates streamlined team collaboration, ensures effective client communication, and offers technological assistance for productivity enhancement. Rather than using separate software applications for each function, a comprehensive CRM tool covers all these critical aspects for a law firm.

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