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Why do education institutions need a CRM?

Education institutions need a CRM to streamline student admissions, enhance communication between students and faculty, and track student progress effectively. It helps in managing inquiries, optimizing enrollment processes, and fostering personalized engagement

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Student Management

Efficiently manage student information and profiles.


Student Response Automation

Automate responses to student inquiries for prompt engagement


Dynamic Student Forms

Create customizable and dynamic forms for varied student information


Document Collection

Streamline the collection and management of student documents


Student Journey Mapping

Map and understand the complete student journey within the CRM


WhatsApp Integration

Integrate WhatsApp for seamless communication with students


Capture Student Data

  • Streamlined Operations: Manage admissions seamlessly across multiple locations.
  • Complete Visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of the student journey and coaching center operations.
  • Direct Student Connection: Establish direct contact with students, ensuring central control over shared information to prevent dilution.
  • Capture Data Without Delays: Centralized data capture prevents delays or data dilution.
  • Multi-Channel Lead Capture: Capture student data from various channels simultaneously, preventing lead leakage.
  • Centralized Communication Repository: Maintain a central repository for standardized information accessible to all centers.
  • Zero Lead Leakage: Capture student data from all channels and distribute leads to different centers instantly.
  • Centralized Student Data Management: Manage student data centrally with varied access for different centers.
  • Student Journey Tracking: Track every student activity and interaction for a 360-degree profile.

360 Degree student profiles

  • Segment Students Effectively: Use smart list segmentation based on courses, scores, demographics, and more.
  • Relevant Messaging: Maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.
  • Targeted Communication Campaigns: Run targeted campaigns based on student profiles and preferences.
  • Low Drop-off Rates: Ensure low drop-off rates with an exceptional experience at every step.
  • Improved Retention: Increase student retention through personalized communication and engagement.
  • High Progression Rates: Achieve high progression rates by providing a seamless and positive student journey.
  • Detailed Level-Wise Analysis: Gain comprehensive insights into the performance of each center.
  • Center Performance Metrics: Access detailed metrics on center performance, including admissions, student engagement, and more.
  • In-Depth Counselor Analysis: Evaluate counselor performance at a granular level for effective management.
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SuperCRM stands out as the top choice for coaching centers due to its capabilities in:

  • Effortlessly managing student admissions
  • Capturing data without delays or dilution
  • Tracking student journeys and executing targeted campaigns
  • Enhancing retention and progression rates

An education CRM is specialized software designed for the education industry to oversee the entire process, from inquiry to enrollment and beyond. While capable of handling various micro-processes, the crucial ones include applicant and inquiry management, student communication, admission notifications, enrollment management, analytics, and reporting.

To increase college admissions, initiate recruitment activities at an early stage. For instance, students contacted as sophomores are nearly twice as likely to enroll compared to those contacted as seniors. Additionally, engage in proactive email marketing campaigns, involve parents in marketing efforts, establish a mobile-first college enrollment portal, utilize a mix of digital ads and texting in communication, and respond diligently to every student lead. Whether a university, college, or career school, CRM systems can effectively manage admissions and recruitment.

An overseas education CRM enables student consultants to build and access information across teams on a centralized platform. This facilitates engagement at the right time, faster query resolution, and nurturing students. The platform allows tracking of teams and campaigns seamlessly.

Many consultancies use Google Sheets or in-house solutions to manage student inquiries. However, for efficient scaling, they require an education CRM like SuperCRM to establish a hassle-free admissions process for study abroad consultancies.

A school CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed for preschools and K-12 education. Its purpose is to streamline the admission process, manage student profiles, and foster relationships with parents through timely communication.

Schools benefit from a CRM to streamline the enrollment process, send timely communication to parents and students, manage campuses, and, in some cases, handle fundraising and grants.

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